This Project was designed in co-operation with Providence Grain Solutions over a few months in order to upgrade and modernize their already existing elevator. Flynn bros. portion of this project added of 3 structural foundations, 3 - 60'dia. x 77' tall commercial grain bins (approx. 590,000 bushels of storage), handling equipment,  grain sampler, Truck probe, rail load out structure (that encompassed a bulk weigher, load out both and fold down spouts for loading at two tracks), engineered structural support tower for Bucket elevator and a truck scale.

This is one of a few projects that we have had the pleasure of doing with Providence Grain Solutions and as per usual Providence pushed us to expand our collective design and construction capabilities. Thus developing a facility (Marengo) that Providence Grain Solutions could bring into the future and continue to be one of the leading edge independent grain elevators in the country.