When this project was first brought to us, Richardson had initially requested additional storage of 520,000 bu. (14,000 metric tons) to complement their already existing grain facility. However, soon after Richardson decided that an additional 260,000 bu. of storage would best suit their requirements at this site. Thus, bringing the total additional storage to 780,000 bu. (21,000 metric tons). This bushel requirement translated into Flynn Bros. proposing the addition of  3 Structural foundations, 3 - 72' dia. x 70' tall commercial storage bins, all the associated handling equipment, as well as the electrical and controls in order to properly run this addition in conjunction with their existing elevator. The existing elevators reclaim was extended to allow for a transition between the new reclaim and the existing elevator reclaim. This would now allow to bring product into the elevator in order for the staff to distribute the product to its required location.


This project was a little larger than most of the approximately 30 sites that we have done for Richardson, but due to the continuing co-operation received by Richardson and their staff on site. We were able to complete another project that Flynn Bros. was happy to have our name associated with.